White wine – gentle rays of Sun and refreshing scent of summer turned into an enchanting golden nectar.

Red wine – an irresistible and temperamental source of truth, with a color of passion and the flavor of yearning.

A cure for the soul
A smile on your face
Joy in your heart

Inspiration to those in love
Comfort to the abandoned
A prize for the winners

All this and more… Vinarty

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On the picturesque hills of Moslavina, passion and love were the basis for the inception of Vinarty wines. Our desire was to create unique wines that stand out not only for their exceptional flavors, but also for a premium design of every detail – from the bottle to the website. Thus, with the assistance of leading Croatian wine experts, including Croatian enologists H. August and V. Plichta, we have created Vinarty wines.

Vinarty wines represent the embodiment of our personalities and interests. They create a fusion of urban living and love of nature, of casualness and perfectionism, of modern design and classic beauty, of temperament and gentleness, of uncompromising quality and business spirit.

There are countless pleasant moments in life that a good wine makes even better: intimate dinners for two, enjoying your favorite music, having fun with friends, relaxing with an excellent book. Vinarty wines are made exactly for those moments, and with their seductive colors, refreshing aromas and magical fragrances they will surely find a way to every wine lover. Cheers!

Milan and Natasa.

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